How to Run Polished Virtual Working Sessions
That Are Engaging and Effective
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Howard Tiersky | Heidi Wisbach
Meetings are the heartbeat of most businesses—where information is shared, ideas are generated, decisions are made, and work is coordinated. That’s why the effectiveness of meetings can make or break a company.

Today, meetings are “going digital.” The convenience and other advantages of web conferencing software are undeniable, and during the current pandemic, they have become a necessity for employee health.

But running an effective online meeting is different from doing so in-person and that’s why many are run ineffectively. A correctly run virtual session can be just as successful as an “in person meeting,” but many meeting leaders lack the full knowledge necessary. This book aims to correct that.


Co-authors, Howard Tiersky, CEO of FROM, the digital transformation agency, and Heidi Wisbach, SVP of Business Innovation for FROM, have been leading virtual teams and facilitating online working sessions for Fortune 1000 companies for more than ten years. FROM runs Innovation Loft, NYC’s most creative team collaboration facility, where Howard and Heidi have developed a wide range of techniques to teach groups to energetically engage around knowledge sharing, problem solving, and decision making.

In this book, Howard and Heidi lays out many little-known tips for making the best use of online conferencing software, keeping online attendees engaged, facilitating discussion amongst large groups, making the best use of visual material when presenting online, and other formerly undocumented techniques. You can use this information to run fantastically successful online meetings for groups of four to 400 or more.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. At our company, we provide training for leaders of online meetings to empower them to not just make them less painful and awkward, but to make them truly outstanding. 


This resource is super accessible, with great tips on the basic etiquette of virtual working sessions but most importantly how to keep people engaged and productive…

Dan W.
The writing style is pleasantly conversational and easy to comprehend and digest. An investment well worth making!

Arthur T.
If you're new to online meetings, highly recommend this crash course!

Virginia C.

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